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Live Music Shows & Festivals

Whether it's a headline show, album or single launch, festival or multi-venue event, we can produce and manage your event from planning to execution. Our connections to the largest music promoters in the UK gives us unique opportunities to connect you with the right people and make sure your event is a success. We run operations, staffing, logistics and everything you need to run it smoothly. 

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Event Design & Production

Our experienced team ensures each event is a success and memorable experience throughout. From initial concept to development and delivery, creative event design is the heart of what we do. We collaborate closely with talent and clients to realise their vision and work with in-house creative teams for production and design, onsite project management, content creation and delivery, programming and artist bookings. Full project management including staffing, and management of all third-party suppliers. 


Content Design & Commissioning

Whether you’re launching a new product, performing live, putting on a live-stream or doing a keynote presentation, ID.539 delivers relevant and captivating content to engage and inspire audiences.

Our web design and graphic design team can help with logo and messaging, landing pages, fully developed websites, presentations or live events for new projects.

Brand Experiences

Whether it’s a pop up, music festival, or product launch event, our dedicated team of creatives, designers, producers, logistics and event managers will ensure we design powerful and memorable events that build long lasting loyalty for your customers and partners. We innovate communication and help your brand generate interest, increase brand visibility, connect people, execute strategy or provide meaning to the brand’s values.


Creative & Event Consulting

Putting on an event is not always as easy as it sounds when limited by a budget. We are here to support you and advise you, so that you can put on the most memorable and impactful event within your set budget. With long established relationships with live music + festival promoters, talent agents, third party suppliers and caterers, staff and security and more, we can also help keep you costs low and become an extension of your in-house team

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